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If it’s time to get serious about your financial goals, it’s time to let CreditConnection help.

Borrowers like you are turning to CreditConnection to build their credit reputation to get access to fast easy credit. CreditConnection is the best resource for building and managing your credit; let CreditConnection help you build your credit so you can achieve your financial goals.

Who We Are

CreditConnection is a service from CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s preferred and most experienced credit bureau. CreditConnection is offered to individuals and small businesses that wish to benefit from Nigeria’s emerging credit economy. CreditConnection aims to help you establish reputational collateral and increase your credit intelligence (or what we call CreditChops).

CreditConnection is your trusted source to get instant and private access to your credit information. So, whether you are looking to understand how to build a good credit reputation or if you have been denied credit and want to understand why, you should connect with us. Members of CreditConnection have instant access to their credit report any time on any device. To get CreditChops, your best connection is CreditConnection.

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