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Annual Credit Report

CreditConnection empowers you to see what lenders see. Get your annual credit report FREE and look to find any information damaging your credit and get it fixed. Become a member to get a comprehensive look at your SMARTScore, payment history, debt-to-income ratio and overall performance of your credit history.

Credit Alerts and Monitoring

With CreditConnection you can take control of your credit reputation. Get alerts to monitor changes reported about your credit performance. You will always be on top of your SMARTScore and immediately know when negative marks are reported.

Dispute Services

Are banks not giving you a loan? Let CreditConnection offer you assistance resolving disputes if something has been reported incorrectly about your credit. We will work directly with lenders to help identify the problems and fix them.

Connect with CreditConnection

It's Smart, Simple and Safe
How do we offer Smart. Safe. Simple?
  • Free access to your annual credit report.
  • Sign up to receive your credit report and credit monitoring services
  • Instant access to your credit information anytime and from the privacy of your own device
  • Assistance to resolve credit report disputes or errors
Serious about your financial future?
  • CreditConnection is your online resource to help you build and manage your credit.
  • CreditConnection helps you to understand your credit report and make healthy credit choices.
  • Our approach to credit is Smart. Safe. Simple. We provide secure, reliable and easy access to your credit information, and work with lenders to help you achieve your financial goals.
CreditRegistry is trusted with Nigeria’s largest credit information database with new members joining daily. CreditConnection is your trusted and safe resource to build and manage your credit so you can reach your financial goals.

What Customers Say

«It was awesome and within time. I love you guys at the registry.»
Rufai Ganiyu Olawale

Got CreditChops?

‘CreditChops’ is the term CreditConnection uses when talking about how much you know and understand about your credit and how to utilize it to your advantage.
Lenders have information about you and your credit performance.
  • CreditConnection believes that you should have the same instant-access to your credit information to make smart decisions and build your CreditChops.
So how do you improve your CreditChops?
  • Know what the lenders know. Never be caught unaware of your own credit performance. If you have a loan, review your credit report at least once a month.
  • Found errors? Don’t wait. Dispute credit report errors immediately. CreditConnection is your trusted source to assist you with disputes.
  • Pay bills on time – every time! There’s simply no better way to build credit.
  • Don’t apply for too many loans in a given period.
  • The 30% Rule: Manage your credit utilisation ratio. That just means use less than 30% of your allowed credit limit to keep your credit score solid.
  • Always remember, if you take care of your credit, it will take care of you!

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