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Discover Why Your SMARTScore is get_smartscore output–and What You Can Do To Raise It and Get Lower Interest Loans

Your SMARTScore determines how likely it is you will get a loan and what interest rate you pay. The higher it is, the better.

So how is it calculated? By using SMARTScore factors including your past loan and re-payment history, income etc. Upgrade to a premium report to learn your specific SMARTScore factors.

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Founded in 2003, CreditRegistry was the first and is now the largest credit bureau in Nigeria. We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and serve millions.

Trusted by over 580 banks, fintechs and businesses

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Secure that prized job offer. Lots of top employers want to see a credit report. Make sure what they see is favorable.

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Get easier and faster approval on renting houses or property.

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This is Beautiful!

“I’m so impressed. I’m 46+, yet I have never seen anything this fast. This can’t be Nigeria. Thanks.“

– Temitope A.

God Bless CreditRegistry

“My creditor informed me I had an un-updated report with Keystone, tried to resolve this with the bank but with no success. I came to Lagos from Sokoto to visit CreditRegistry, purchased my credit report and they resolved the dispute in less than 24 hrs. Excellent customer service, fast and reliable.”

– Ahmed B.

Accurate and Reliable

“Am so happy, the information is very accurate and reliable unlike what I got with CRC. Am grateful.”

– Benjamin I.

Shola’s ₦13,000 Nightmare!

How a Small Forgotten Debt Ballooned into Massive Interest

Shola didn’t check his report regularly and forgot about a small debt.

Over time, It ballooned into ₦13,000 in interest alone! Our lowest priced premium report (₦999) is a fraction of the massive debts we see our customers owing.

Put another way, it is just ₦5 a day for three months to make sure the loan sharks don’t come after you and action your property!

Morayo’s ‘Honest to God’ Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy a premium report but find out you owe less than the price of the report, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

The Only Thing Guaranteed NOT to help you is leaving this page without getting your premium report. Act now and get it.

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We Are a 20 Year Overnight Success

We started CreditRegistry in 2003 with one simple mission: make it easy for you to get easy access to loans and credit.

Our founder had lived in the USA and seen first-hand how easy access to credit allowed Americans to enjoy a much higher standard of living.

He then decided to bring the concept back to Nigeria, and as they say, the rest is history. Today, we have helped millions get low interest loans and take control of their financial future!

Now it is your turn!